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1.93ct Diamond Round Vintage Art Deco Wedding Engagement Ring 14k Gold Yellow Fn

1.93ct Diamond Round Vintage Art Deco Wedding Engagement Ring 14k Gold Yellow Fn

1.93ct Diamond Round Vintage Art Deco Wedding Engagement Ring 14k Gold Yellow Fn    1.93ct Diamond Round Vintage Art Deco Wedding Engagement Ring 14k Gold Yellow Fn
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This list is currently being maintained, we apologize for the inconvenience. We would like everyone to wear our jewelry, so we also manufacture be. 1.75 - 1.99. The item "1.93ct diamond round vintage art deco wedding engagement 14k ring yellow gold fn" is on sale since Thursday 24 December 2020. It is in the category "jewels, watches\joaillerie\bagues\diamant".

The seller is "diamondsetc" and is located in/in huston, texas. This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.

  1. style: solitary with accents
  2. Diamond colour: d
  3. natural/created by lab: created by lab
  4. Total carat weight (tcw): 1.93 carat (approximately)
  5. dominant stone creation: round
  6. Cut: beautiful
  7. Main stone: diamond
  8. lot: without
  9. metal: fine money
  10. clared: vvs1
  11. country/region of manufacture: united states
  12. Metal finish: 14k yellow gold finish
  13. sex: female
  14. modified object: without
  15. event usage: engagement
  16. considerable: yes
  17. Total weight in carat: 1.75 - 1.99 Diamond fantasy color: white
  18. size: 7
  19. Mark: diamondsetc Metal clarity: 925 pieces per 1000
  20. Principal stone creation: created by lab
  21. dominant stone treatment: untreated

1.93ct Diamond Round Vintage Art Deco Wedding Engagement Ring 14k Gold Yellow Fn    1.93ct Diamond Round Vintage Art Deco Wedding Engagement Ring 14k Gold Yellow Fn