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Arte Espina Rugs Modern Loft Gradient Color Vintage Taupe Gray 170x240cm

Arte Espina Rugs Modern Loft Gradient Color Vintage Taupe Gray 170x240cm
Arte Espina Rugs Modern Loft Gradient Color Vintage Taupe Gray 170x240cm
Arte Espina Rugs Modern Loft Gradient Color Vintage Taupe Gray 170x240cm
Arte Espina Rugs Modern Loft Gradient Color Vintage Taupe Gray 170x240cm

Arte Espina Rugs Modern Loft Gradient Color Vintage Taupe Gray 170x240cm    Arte Espina Rugs Modern Loft Gradient Color Vintage Taupe Gray 170x240cm
Carpet arte espina modern loft gray gradient vintage taupe 170x240cm. 170 cm x 240 cm. Battery / textile fibers used. Pleasantly mellow sensation, handmade, unique, easy to maintain.

About 4300 g / m2. Arte Espina - Carpet vintage.

Order your unique carpet Arte Espina! This handmade carpets shaggy shining in a vintage design trend in attractive colors and modern. With print design, you can enhance any interior, whether you prefer classical or modern style.

The carpet makes sense on solid colored soils because it creates beautiful contrasts. Design your own concept of personal life and add your carpet vintage attractive to your accessories and home furniture. The carpet has a soft touch because of the high density and easy to clean viscose. Arrange comfortably and comfortably and order the soft carpet online. Chairs stools / poufs carpet top selling decorative arte carpet objects lamps espina specification size 170 cm x 240 cm stack / textile fiber used 100% viscose turquoise manufacture features handwoven stamp - weight approximately 4300 g / m2 india manufacturing brand arte espina back viscose height total about 17 mm description arte espina - carpet mats vintage vintage print harmonious colors easy viscose material soft surface maintenance craft dense pile carpet each is unique. General conditions and information for the attention of customers. Prices and terms of payment 4. Compliance & Legal warranty 6. Data protection 1 scope 1.1 of these Terms sale (T & C) apply. All contracts concluded between a consumer and kayoom gmbh (hereinafter referred to as \These cgv cancel any conditions imposed.

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  1. PART7: dining room <\/ li>
  2. pièce6 kitchen, study <\/ li>
  3. style: modern <\/ li>
  4. pièce4: bedroom <\/ li>
  5. type of manufacturing: hand-woven <\/ li>
  6. Part2: living room <\/ li>
  7. Rectangular <\/ li>
  8. Manufacturing country: India <\/ li>
  9. PART5: bathroom <\/ li>
  10. pièce9: games room <\/ li>
  11. Total height: approx.

    17 mm <\/ li>

  12. pièce8: Conservatory <\/ li>
  13. Type: carpets Children carpets <\/ li>
  14. PART3: nursery <\/ li>
  15. reason: ethnic patchwork vintage Aztec Mayan bee frills <\/ li>
  16. Part1: guest room <\/ li>
  17. ean: 4063074130512 <\/ li>
  18. Color: cream beige taupe purple green blue red rose <\/ li>
  19. Material: 100% viscous <\/ li>
  20. era: 2000 to present <\/ li>
  21. Mass: 80x150cm 120x170cm 160x230cm 200x290cm <\/ li>
  22. brand: one seam <\/ li>
  23. Part: corridor / lane <\/ li>
  24. weight: 4300 g / m <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Arte Espina Rugs Modern Loft Gradient Color Vintage Taupe Gray 170x240cm    Arte Espina Rugs Modern Loft Gradient Color Vintage Taupe Gray 170x240cm