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Citrine Ring On Silver Art. Deco Vintage T 52 / Old New Stock Citrine Silver Ring

Citrine Ring On Silver Art. Deco Vintage T 52 / Old New Stock Citrine Silver Ring

Citrine Ring On Silver Art. Deco Vintage T 52 / Old New Stock Citrine Silver Ring   Citrine Ring On Silver Art. Deco Vintage T 52 / Old New Stock Citrine Silver Ring

Very beautiful vintage 1970 silver and citrine ring from France new t 52. Very beautiful ring 1970 vintage citrine on new money France t 52. Condition / state: New / Old-new / old Deadstock. Material / material: citrine and silver / 925 silver and citrine.

Origin / Made = France. Detail:: size 52 cm diameter 1.6 length / length 1.7 cm / wide / width 1.2 cm the most: for the biggest share: tick / thick / 0.5 mm stone / stone 1 cm x 1.4 cm. Detail: the ring has an oval shape with one very beautiful citrine are medium. This will make a great gift idea. The ring is oval in shape with 1 natural Citrine is The Middle.

A very nice gift idea. Citrine comes from the French \Known since 4000 before j. C in Iran, in Egypt and India, the ore was mainly used during the Greek and Roman period, as a decorative material.

According to South American shamans, it eliminates the limitations of man and gives him physical and mental vitality. The natural color of citrine is rather pale yellow to golden yellow. The citrines too supported the shades of bright golden yellow, orange or brown are often amethysts that have been heated and which no longer have the same capabilities. Citrine is a powerful stone that brings a positive and invigorating energy. Physically, it brings relief in cases of diabetes and glandular problems (using it in water).

It is also the stone digestion, the stomach, heartburn, constipation (to ask the spleen and pancreas). It also strengthens the heart and circulation. At the mental level, it is a stone that radiates joy and good humor, it warms the spirit away fatigue and helps concentration. It is also recommended in case of exam period (just for concentration), but also to strengthen memory.

Citrine helps strengthen the personality and combat vulnerability. Its features: it is particularly recommended in the room of a sick person.

It is a stone that helps us to successfully reach of earthly goals. Reloading and Purification: cleanse with running water and recharge in the sun or on a mass of quartz. Provenance: the most numerous deposits are brazil, spain, Madagascar and the usa. For all our expeditions we offer paid options, slightly more expensive but you still ensures faster service & secure. The sending letter max allows you to have a tracking number for your package and be able to follow the laposte site.

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  1. brand - no brand / generic - <\/ li>
  2. Metal: Sterling Silver <\/ li>
  3. Sex: woman <\/ li>
  4. dominant color: silver <\/ li>
  5. material: silver / silver <\/ li>
  6. size: 52 <\/ li>
  7. form ring: oval <\/ li>
  8. changed object: not <\/ li>
  9. type: jewelry <\/ li>
  10. stone color: yellow / yellow <\/ li>
  11. Type: Ferrule <\/ li>
  12. dominant stone: citrine <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Citrine Ring On Silver Art. Deco Vintage T 52 / Old New Stock Citrine Silver Ring   Citrine Ring On Silver Art. Deco Vintage T 52 / Old New Stock Citrine Silver Ring